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How to dramatically increase your ad conversions (for FREE)

May 03, 20244 min read

How to dramatically increase your ad conversions (for FREE).

Do you feel as if your ads could be converting more? Does it feel as if you’re not capturing the attention of your ideal customer?

Luckily there is a pretty simple fix to increase your businesses attractiveness. Best of all. It is FREE.

Everything in life and business is give and take. How can you expect prospective customers to want to do business with you if they do not see you as providing value? Yes, your service or product is good. Same goes for a lot of other businesses in your field.

What are you doing to stand out from the crowd? You know the old saying, give them an inch, they’ll take a mile. In a sense this is true in business. The slight difference being…

When you give an inch in business by providing some upfront value. Your prospective customers are likely to take a mile by making a bigger investment with you.

Its basic human psychology. The research points towards this being true. There is no denying that doing good comes back around. The same way that doing bad eventually catches up.

This isn’t by any means a way of saying that only providing your service or product is bad. Just imagine the benefits of doing that extra bit of good for customers.

How to apply this in business.

Most businesses are a specialist in their field. You are seen as the expert. Hence, people come to you to resolve their issue if it falls within your remit.

These days there are a lot of specialists. Some are specialists. Some are not. The problem for customers is how do they differentiate between the two?

You are probably sitting there saying how your testimonials and reviews should do the talking. You are not wrong. But sometimes all it takes is that one bad review – albeit not necessarily a true review – and it casts a shadow of doubt in the customer’s mind.

What I am about to unveil will help to alleviate some of that doubt.

Yes, you have blog posts to show your business savvy. They will give you an advantage for sure. But these are public knowledge. Sat right there on your website for all to peruse at their leisure.

You need to think bigger.

Not just more posts or longer posts.

But something exclusive.

Something that people will have to openly reach out and ask for.

The beauty of this solution is that it can serve you for a long time. It may require some arduous work in the beginning. That’s the nature of compiling all your years of knowledge.

Just think of the level of effort someone outside of your business would have to go through to get that kind of knowledge. Most won’t do it. And those that do, will likely be lost in a sea of information, eventually admitting defeat.

You can be the hero.

You can be the go-to in the business.

I’ll lose business, won’t I?

It is not unnatural to think that others won’t want to steal your ideas. That is part and parcel in business. Luckily for you copycats get found out sooner than later. Besides, why wouldn’t you implement a good idea just because others may copy? Take it as a compliment. Don’t act as if you wouldn’t do the same. You probably already are.

You may also think if people have access to your knowledge, will they want your product or service anymore? This is quite the opposite. You’ll be seen as an even bigger expert in the field. And when push comes to shove. They’ll be the first knocking on your door for help.

Let’s face it. People are busy. You are busy.

Most people want stuff done for them. Once they understand the level of knowledge you have, one of two things will happen:

1.      They’ll realise just how much they need to do, so won’t pursue it themselves.

2.      They’ll attempt to do it based off your knowledge, get part way along, realise the mess they are in, and stop.

Both roads lead back to you. You have identified yourself as the business who knows their stuff. And now you have their business.

Putting it all together in your ads

It all starts with providing the goods.

Simplest way to do this. A solid landing page.

Maybe you already have one. The likelihood is that even if you do, you are missing a vital aspect to get more conversions.

First you need to provide a lead magnet in the form of a guide or e-book.

Ordinarily if you have got this far, that is where most businesses stop.

You need to follow up on the thank you page. Let people know how they can get hold of you. You’d be surprised at the number of new customers you get after giving away free value.

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