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If only Meta told you the whole truth behind Boosts

May 12, 20243 min read

If only Meta told you the whole truth behind Boosts.

What do you get with your money from a Meta Boost? How does it compare to putting that money into an ad campaign?

As a local business owner this can be hard to assess. Over the next few minutes, I will run you through all there is to know about Meta Boosts.


Advertising background.

Every business wants to get more customers.

Social media has made this easier than ever. The reach you get through social media platforms is unmatched compared to classic advertising methods.

Long gone are the days of billboards, infomercials, and newspaper ads.

However, with supreme advertising reach, comes perceived increase in advertising difficulty.

If you’ve tried to run an advertising campaign before you’ll understand the struggle.

If you haven’t run one before. Go into the ads manager and try make one. You’ll be hit with a plethora of options and unsure what to do next.

You aren’t the first or last to feel that way.


How businesses are made to spend money on Meta.

The biggest problem with Meta advertising is that it’s confusing.

How do you learn the basics of something that seems more difficult to learn than tightrope walking over a crocodile infested lake?

Meta knows this.

Their platform has an annual ad revenue of more than 100 billion – yes, you read that correctly. B. For BILLION.

Safe to say there are several clever people at Meta.

They realised that there were countless businesses not amongst the action.

So along came the Boost.


The difference between Boosts and Ads

Meta ads have 3 levels:

  1. Campaign

  2. Ad set

  3. Ad

They allow for multiple options to be set up. From who sees the ad (your audience e.g., age, gender, location etc.) to how the ad looks (the text and image/video displayed). 

A Boost raises the profile of your pre-existing post. This could a new promotion, product launch, or completed project. This original post is already shown to your followers. Then, with a click of a button, it’s now shown to many more people.

The compromise? All the options have been set for you, and you think it acts like an ad.

The bad news? It’s not like an ad.

Your Boosted post lacks key advertising elements to attract your ideal customers and make them want to get in touch with you.

Even worse. You still pay the same as an ad, except Meta did all the work for you.


What bang do I get for my buck?

You’re probably thinking, “surely boost’s do something?”

Or even thinking, “we got some sales/leads, are you sure they are that bad?”.

Both questions are very valid.

If you found success, you’re amongst the minority. Just imagine your success by running a targeted ad.

The Boost isn’t a total waste of money. You aren’t getting robbed by Meta. There won’t be a time in the future where PPI people will call you asking if you’ve Boosted posts.

For most businesses, you’re paying for impressions and reach on the post e.g., it is seen by more people.

This doesn’t sound bad.

You want people to know who you are.

Except, local businesses’ focus should be selling people their product/service.

The best and only way to do this is by showing your product/service to your target audience. The people who have a problem that needs solving with your product/service.

That’s what’s missing with Boosts.

They aren’t targeted. Not like the targeting power of an ad.


How do you move forward?

The options you have are 3-fold:

  1. You continue to use Boosts and hope you get lucky.

  2. You run ads yourself. You’ll spend lots of time (that you don’t have). And money (greater than just Boost-ing), figuring out how to get results.

  3. You hire someone to do it for you, whilst you continue doing what you do best.


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