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The unfair AD advantage that no one is talking about

May 26, 20245 min read

The unfair AD advantage that no one is talking about.

You’ve started running your ad. You think you’re over the worst of it. The ads manager seems a distant memory. Now you can focus on your new leads.

Except there isn’t a stream of new leads. Even if there are leads. Most are not your ideal customers.

You cannot believe it.

All that time and money… wasted…

Back to the drawing board and the dreaded ads manager.

What went wrong?


What the 99% of businesses do with their ads.

You approach with the right intentions.

You want more leads and sales for your business.

So what do you do?

You go with what everyone else does.

A carbon copy of what is on the ads manager.

Who wouldn’t? No point reinventing the wheel.

You then think, “I need people to know about everything we do, and all the ways that customers can reach us”.

What does this lead to?

Customer confusion.

Confusion is the enemy of business. If we don’t understand what is going on. We are NOT interested.

What the successful 1% of businesses do with their ads.

Instead of you trying to do absolutely everything under the sun like a crazed madman. Just do 1 thing.

Your ad needs a point. It needs to clearly state your offer.

You want people to know what they’re getting. And you want them to know how they can get it.

You’re investing in direct response marketing after all. Make it direct and to the point.

In a nutshell: offer 1 thing with 1 contact method.


The key problems you will face doing this.

You have the right ingredients. Problem is most people don’t know the recipe.

You have 2 main problems.

Firstly, the threshold.

The barrier between you asking for something, and your customer doing something.

Most people set this threshold too high.

How many people would say yes to a 30-minute Zoom call with someone they don’t know. Not many. If any.

Why’s that? People are busy.

Why give up that much time to someone you don’t know. You need to build a connection first.

It’s like me going up to a beautiful woman on the street and asking if she’s free next Tuesday to get married. Woah! You ask for her number and a date first.

Same goes with business. You need to build up to someone buying your product or service.

How? Low threshold offers include:

-          Fill in this form.

-          Drop us a message.

-          Watch this short video.

They take less than 5 minutes. Can be done instantaneously. And take little to no brain power. They’re easy to say yes to.

Build rapport to get more people in the door.


Implementing different forms of lead generation.

The second problem, most people are yet to discover.

If you’re reading this in 2030, great news. You’re still early to the party.

Most businesses utilise the following. You have your product or service. You advertise it. Then ask for the sale or a commitment straight away.

For example: you pitch your service. You say how good it is and how you are the best at it. You announce it is on special offer and is now £100 off for a limited time only.

Most people who see this ad will not be interested right now. Only a small percentage will move towards a sale now.

What if you could target interested people only?

That’s the beauty of modern advertising and using social media.

Instead of offering people your service or product straight away. You ask them to watch a short video or read an article about your product or service first.

Let’s say 100,000 people were shown the ad.

Through the power of social media (with the help of cookies and pixels) you can track who engaged with the ad and consumed the content you provided (e.g., watched the video for X amount of time, or clicked the article and read it).

Let’s assume 5,000 people consumed the content. These 5% are your ideal audience and are the most likely to purchase.

What next?

You run a follow-up ad. This time using your original ad showing your product or service. But now you’re only showing it to the 5,000 who showed some level of interest.


Targeted is better than broad.

This is known as retargeting.

Seems familiar? All the times you see the same ad everywhere repeatedly. This is the strategy employed.

It may be annoying for you. But don’t get side tracked by your own barometer of what is good. This method works and is a LOT cheaper than a broad ad.

There has never been this opportunity in advertising before. You could only achieve this in the past if you knew people’s email addresses.

Now your ad can be shown multiple times to interested people. Increasing the chances of purchase each time they see it.

You have two options:

1.      Only use broad 1-step lead generation and spend lots of money re-reaching out to people who may never buy.

2.      Utilise 2-step lead generation and focus your advertising pounds on the people with the highest likelihood of purchasing.


The common pitfall is that it’s seen as too difficult. That’s why we are here to help you. If you want us to look at your ads and aid you in utilising these strategies: 

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