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Know these 3 simple things and you won’t struggle with marketing ever again

April 26, 20243 min read

Know these 3 simple things and you won’t struggle with marketing ever again.

Do you know the main thing that local business owners struggle with each day?

You have your business in your field of expertise. Most likely you decided to go out on your own as you knew you had a knack for the business. It is the thing that you love to do. Your product/service is unquestionably good.

But hear lies the problem. You probably didn’t anticipate the million and one things on your to do list. Most of which aren’t even that related to what your field of expertise is.

Yes, you’ve picked up most of the business knowhow over the years. The issue is that as your speciality may evolve and change over time. As do the multiple facets of business.

Especially in this new modern age with the dawn of the internet, TikTok and AI. Who knows what else the future will bring us.

There is nothing stopping you from keeping on top of this. Isn’t it bad enough that you have your own job, and now you need to learn and keep in the loop of all these over jobs?

Business ownership was meant to set you free. Now it is more of a prison than a party.

You may be asking yourself what can I do?

Pillar 1

The good news is that you have already ticked the first box. You have a customer base for your business.

You saw the gap in the market, and you created the antidote to people’s pain with your product/service.

This already puts you ahead of a lot of people who are trying to create a solution that people don’t have a need for. You can’t sell glasses to blind people now.

Pillar 2

The next step is where things start to unravel.

You may have seen an opportunity in the market and so did others. Don’t fear, this is a good thing. You want some level of saturation. You cannot supply where there is no demand.

What you need to consider is what makes you different to the 347 other people who had the same idea as you? You won’t stand out doing the same thing and having the same old message.

What you need is a unique identifier.

“Unique identifier?” I hear you say. The thing that makes you stand out from the crowd. Or at least makes you seem to be the standout candidate.

The pitfall here is that everyone thinks “oh, well, I’ll just undercut everyone in the market”. There are a couple problems with that:

1.      There is always someone cheaper.

2.      Being cheap makes you seem low value.

If you going to take anything from this. Take this one thing. Don’t be the cheapest option in your market.

Pillar 3

Suppose you now have your unique identifier. How do you attract ideal customers requiring assistance?

It is a question that stumbles even the best of us. Unfortunately, there isn’t just a list of people with this issue freely available on the internet – AI isn’t that good.

No denying there are some exceptions to this rule. There are a lot of ways to go about it. And these options can change over time.

Everyone hates being sold to. We all have this innate sensor that can detect the old school sales techniques. It makes our skin crawl.

What we all forget is that people love to buy stuff. Simply reframe from selling people, to making them want to buy. Now the world is your oyster.

You can do this yourself or... you can have us do it for you. We handle the marketing; you handle everything else.

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