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The simple secret to creating high-converting ads with 2 minutes of work

April 19, 20244 min read

The simple secret to creating high-converting ads with 2 minutes of work.

If you’re looking for a no-brainer, quick way to double campaign conversions, this is for you.

Before I reveal the secrets behind a high-converting ad, let me tell you a story…

My ad introduction.

I remember the first ad I created for a prospective client. It’s not a fond memory. It was stressful. You see others do it and think, “how hard can this be?”

Let me tell you. Without this simple secret it can be impossible. Not because you aren’t smart enough. Because you’re told multiple things from numerous ‘business’ people. Who, surprise, don’t know the first thing about marketing or running successful advertising campaigns.

Where do you begin?

If you were like me and don’t have money to burn. Unlike some of these so-called ‘professionals’ with unlimited resources. That’s ok. They are doing all their marketing wrong anyway. They can afford to…

Throwing money at the problem may work for some. However, it’s not a risk worth taking for local businesses. The question you’re probably thinking is how can I avoid that?

You research other local businesses to see what worked for them. Some sources say you need a cute puppy or baby. Other sources suggest business only.

Additional sources suggest pushing your brand and name. Whilst other sources say repeating the same message loses people’s interest in our ‘TikTok’, ‘shorts’, and ‘reels’ age.

I had to get the ad live. So, I decided to take the easy option. I looked at some competitors’ ads and based mine off theirs. Basically, I took someone else’s homework, added my own flare so it wasn’t an obvious copy/paste job. Then passed it as my own.

Now look, it’s better to start from somewhere than nowhere. It’s no secret lots of marketers do this. If competitors are doing something that works. Why not do it too?


The painstakingly obvious reason why most ads don’t convert.

Overdoing your ads can end up distracting potential customers from your message.

You may think, “why not do the opposite and keep things simple?”

Being ultra simple is just as bad as being overly complicated.

If you just make statements in your ads, no one will know what to do. If you say “call [your name] today”, what does that mean? Might as well say “cows are expensive”. Does it make any sense? Would you act if you saw that?

Your answer is probably no. It doesn’t take a genius to understand who the ad is for. Calling the number on a landscaping companies’ advertisement to get your grass cut is not being too presumptuous. Harsh reality is people won’t do that instinctively.

Clarity and simplicity ensure that the right people for your service/product respond to your ad.

Doesn’t matter if your product/service is 10/10. If your marketing message is 4/10, guess what? People perceive your business as 4/10.


Time to fix your marketing.

How do you avoid these mistakes?

Here’s what not to do.

Don’t waste your money. Sounds obvious. Yet so many businesses waste theirs.

What are they wasting their money on you ask? ‘Branding’. The latest of marketing buzzwords.

All big companies are focusing on it. Must be the way forward, right? Not quite.

You don’t have the budget these companies have. Neither did I. Why would you copy their strategy and hope it works?

Branding is important. But local businesses number one priority is getting money in.

This should be your marketing focus.

This leads us to the one principle which changes everything.

The Pearson Law.

“What is measured, improves”.

Want the secret for making any ad convert?

Make it measurable.

Seems so easy. Ask yourself this: How are my ads measurable?

If you don’t know then the bad news is, they aren’t.

Fear not. Good news is measuring advertising performance is easier than ever. No more guess work of how many people saw your billboard, infomercial, or yellow pages ad.

The measures.

You can measure your impressions and ‘reach’. But we want sales and money in.

You do this by tracking how many leads you get. How many people click your call to action and message you. How many people visit your website. How many people fill out your lead form. In essence how many people you convert from seeing your ad to contacting you.

This is what you want. This is what most ads are missing.

The first thing I do when I start working with clients is start with this simple rule:

Every single ad we run must pay for itself in some measurable way, shape, or form.

There is no time for any vague marketing campaigns. We need measurable, solid results.


There’s plenty of ways to do this in every single business, yours included. If you want to know how we would do this in your business, get in touch:

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